Religion as political power

Religionen as political power (3 hours)

En vandring mellan kyrka och makt.

We meet at Slottsbacken and hear about the evolution of religion in Sweden from the time Christianity took over from Asatron. 
From the Catholic era to the Reformation into the lutheran churchm and how religion came to be the effective instrument of power to govern the people, the wars and the ownership.

Two alternatives:

Södermalm tour:
The walk takes from the beautiful Catherine church to the Catholic cathedral and end up at the Helgeand church on Södermalm.

Norrmalm tour:
The hike takes us from St Jakob's Church and Kungsträdgården via Hedvig Eleonora church to Engelbrektskyrkan.

Prices (VAT excluded):
580 kr per hour / group more than 10 persons (max 20)
200 kr per hour / person when less than 10 persons