About me

My business, background and experience

Auktoriserad Turistguide i Stockholm, medlem i FSAG (Föreningen Stockholms

Auktoriserade Guider) och i WFTGA (World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations).

As an authorized Stockholm guide, I offer and conduct city walks and guided tours. The most popular tours are the Historical Old Town and the Söder Heights. Most of the time there have been companies that, in connection with kick-off, customer meeting or other event, hire me as a guide. Also private groups in connection with a party or when relatives are visiting and a group of friends who want to gather for a joint city walk. A fun alternative to the day when you want to gather for a common experience.

As a guide, I also have assignments for tourist groups that come via the large cruise ships but also smaller groups from the various hotels in town.
Born and raised in Malmö but been living in Stockholm and now Södermalmsbo since many years.

Educated lawyer from Lund University and after varied roles in the banking and finance sector today active as a consultant with focus as an expert in AML (the regulations on money laundering and terrorist financing) and GDPR (data protection).

For more information on my various consultancy assignments, see my LinkedIn profile.

Aditional information

If you want to know more, you want to book a guided tour or citywalk or have other questions, please contact me via email guide.bognas@guidebognas.com

Stebo Consulting Legal Counsel

Legal expert within GDPR (data protection) och AML (anti money laundering).

Presently legal counsel at Ecster AB